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All's not lost! We have gravel and touring bike options ready to build (Saco)

885 Portland Road

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bicycle frame material: steel
bicycle type: gravel
frame size: Various
wheel size: other/unknown

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** Just a quick note before we dive into our rambly and overlong listing... we've been fortunate to have lots of folks come to us lately for us to build them up their own custom machines and as a result, we're taking longer to get folk's bikes built. With that in mind, plan on it taking 4-5 weeks for us to build up your new rig after you've told us you are ready to pull the trigger. We'll get faster at it starting mid-July as that's about when demand has traditionally started to slow, but get in touch if you'd like a better estimate of how long it will take etc. Now back to the show... **

Looking for a new gravel, adventure or touring bike for the upcoming 2022 riding season and finding out that such unicorns don't and likely won't exist till next Summer/Fall?

All's not lost however as our little adventure bike focused shop (Maine Bike Works here in Saco, Maine) has over 25 framesets in stock in all sizes and additionally a smattering of fully built bikes. No matter where you live in New England (75% of all of our custom builds go to folks who live outside Maine so we're use to working remotely with someone to build up their dream bike), we'd love to build one up for you and get you out riding right now. That said, we expect that we'll have significant holes / gaps in this inventory before the Spring riding season hits, so if you're looking to ride something new in 2022, you'll have the most choice by reaching out ASAP.

Specifically, here are our most popular gravel / touring / bikepacking framesets (frames and forks) and assuming your budget extends to around ~$3k or higher (and we still have your size), we can build them up and get you out riding pretty darn quick. These awesome custom builds have already been super popular and we've had a great 2021 putting folks on them so they could ride ASAP. From all accounts, 2022 will have even worse availability, so building up a custom frame is one of the only sure ways to get on a new bike - and as a bonus, you'll be riding in only a few weeks rather than waiting for a random email from a more traditional shop that can only backorder you a future bike and cross its fingers on a random delivery in 2022.

Here's the heavy hitters we've had great success with - All steel frames, all awesome.


Kona Rove DL gravel and adventure bikes. A lovely do anything all steel rig that can do pretty much everything short of rides on rocky and rooty mtb trails. So many ways to build up this awesome frame. Makes a great gravel or hardpacked surface road bike, but can also be racked out and built up with ultra low gears (think triple cranks!) if you have the dream of doing road touring. Because Rove DL frames are slightly less expensive (Kona's steel opposed to the name brand Columbus and a steel fork opposed to the carbon in the Bombtracks) than some of our other awesome offerings we can build them up in the circa $3k range vs. the $3,400+ range of the Bombtracks.

FYI, at the time of this posting we have an example built up in the shop that you can check out if you're interested in seeing more than just the bare frames we have hanging on the wall. Make sure you call first before making a long drive to see it though as we don't want you to be disappointed if someone bought it before you got here.


The Kona Rove LTD can do everything that its less expensive DL sibling, but does it with a lightweight carbon fork and a super snappy double butted cromo frame which kicks the price up a little more. Pricewise, builds with these frames will fall between the Kona Rove DL's and Bombtrack Hooks.

FYI, while we don't currently have an example bike built up with this frame we do have on of its slightly less expensive sibling above the Kona Rove DL - just call first before driving and we can still tell you if the example is still available to see or if someone bought it.


The next frameset we can help you with is from Salsa and is their Vaya gravel and light touring frame. It makes a great speedy comfy gravel bike, light tourer or even commuter. If I needed a bike that sits super upright (ie comfy) and wanted to ride a bike across the country, yet have a speedy bike to ride on the weekends unloaded with gear, I'd be hard pressed to beat the Vaya. The Kona Roves above may be slightly sportier (potentially lighter?), but they are also slightly more bent over so if comfort is at the top of your priority list, check in with us to see if we still have a Vaya in your size.

FYI, at the time of this posting we have an example built up in the shop that you can check out if you're interested in seeing more than just the bare frames we have hanging on the wall. Make sure you call first before making a long drive to see it though as we don't want you to be disappointed if someone bought it before you got here.



If you're looking for a full blown world touring bike (that's a category of bike believe it or not) check out Salsa Marrakesh touring and adventure frame. A totally, go anywhere, do anything bike. Hard to think of something you could throw at this bike that it couldn't do short of rough mountain bike trails - not that the frame isn't chunky or robust enough (it is), but the geometry still suites routes which are mostly hardpacked and most smooth without roots and big rocks like a true bikepacking bike like the Tumbleweed Stargazer could tackle. Marrakeshes can run a Rohloff internally geared hubs too which is something that 99.9% of the world's frames can't. If you run it with a Rohloff (and we've built a bunch for folks), note the Marrakesh is designed to run a chain vs. a Gates Carbon Drive belt since chains are super easy to find no matter where in the world you are whereas Gates Carbon Belts are more of a specialty item with limited availability if you travel away from North American or European bike shops. That said, chains are still the ultimate in serviceability and durability - the fact that running a chain saves you about $500 on a build vs a belt is pretty cool too. Drop bars or alt bars (like the Jones Loop, Surly Moloko, or Velo Orange Crazy bars) - Saul Goodman.

FYI, at the time of this posting we have an example built up in the shop that you can check out if you're interested in seeing more than just the bare frames we have hanging on the wall. Make sure you call first before making a long drive to see it though as we don't want you to be disappointed if someone bought it before you got here.



Soma Wolverines have been super popular for us for ages now and build up to be awesome gravel and adventure bikes. They make them in two styles, both essentially ride the same. Type A's are currently Blue and run a traditional chain and deraillier drivetrain with thru-axle'd wheels and Type B's are currently Green and can run quick released wheels with a traditional drivetrain OR a Rohloff internal geared hub and Gates Carbon Drive Belt combo. If you don't ever plan to run a Rohloff hub on yours (something which adds about $2,500 onto the price of the build, just get whatever one has the color you like the most. If you might someday (or even on day one) want to run a Rohloff and belt, get the type B to give you some future proofing. If you don't know what any of this means, get in touch and we'll tell you the pro's and con's of each. Plan on circa $3,400 for a Wolverine build with traditional chain and derailleur drivetrain and circa $5k-$6,500-ish for a Rohloff'd adventure superbike build.

Check out the A-Type Wolvies and sizing availbility here:


Check out the B-Types Wolvies and sizing availability here:

We usually have an example of a green B-Type with a Rohloff in the shop if you'd like to check one out in person and we're happy to order in any size or model of Wolverine frame and fork you'd like us to build up assuming Soma HQ has them available which at the time of writing this they have a decent selection left.


Bikepacking.com's Bike of the Year 2021 in both People's Choice / Collective and Editor's awards. As a touring and adventure bike focused shop, MBW is one of the few shops in the country selling Tumbleweed Stargazer framesets. If you're looking for a dyed in the wool bleeding edge steel bikepacking bike from one of the most respected builders in the country, check it out. An all new model for them and one we really have high hopes for. Think of it as a purpose built Salsa Fargo or a custom bikepacking focused Kona Sutra ULTD. Our builds start around $3,600 and can be customized like all of our bikes for folks who want to go down the nerdy bikepacking and touring rabbit hole with us.

FYI, at the time of this posting we don't have one in the shop to show you in person, but we can still get some sizes from Tumbleweed HQ in about a weeks time.


The final prices of the builds using the frames above range from $3k to $5k+ depending on how many accessories etc you want us to hang on the bikes from day one. Generally speaking Salsa Marrakeshes, Kona Rove DL's can be built up in the circa $3k range and the slightly more expensive frames like the Salsa Vayas and Soma Wolverines tend to start around $3,400+. Tumbleweed Stargazers will punch circa $3,600+. Whatever your price range, we try to customize them as much as possible for our customers individual needs and within whatever budget they are working with.

The 6 custom frame builds above have been super popular and form the basis of most of our custom builds we've been doing and will be doing this year, however we do work with other companies so if you have another brand in mind, let us know and we'll let you know how long it will take to get you on your dream Co-Motion, Ritchey, Moots or Rivendell just to name a few others we can order in from the next batches even though we don't have any in stock right, right now like we do on the frames listed above.

If you've read this far and still have two wheeled adventuring dreams, we'd encourage you to reach out to us by email or call in to let us ask you a few questions about the type of riding you plan to do, your sizing needs and your budget. Knowing that info, we can quickly let you know if we have what will suit you best in stock and a rough idea of how much you'll need to ask for from the Home Finance Committee to bring your N+1 to life.
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