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I am a part time investor who can teach you what I have learned over the past in studying and learning about investing. I am only a publisher of research I have obtained and am not responsible for any investment decisions you make. Risk is a huge factor in the decision to invest hard earned money and savings.
I have purchased investment publications which introduced me to the industry of small caps.
I am publishing my research findings in a powerpoint and newsletter, because I understand that the opportunity to participate is probably a window that is obvious and largely going to shrink over the next few months of time as bigger investors crowd out the smaller ones.
I chart about fifty or so companies that I learned about. If you wish to learn about diy investing in new markets like canadian small caps, you should contact me. I am going to present my powerpoint and newsletter (9.99) to you in a group setting at a local venue this weekend.

This week a stock I own increased in value by 25% twice. The average increase of the stock market is half of that per year if you are in the right stocks. Investment advisors talk about not picking stocks and about staying in over the long haul ten or more years. In some industries such as start ups and IT you see gains higher, like the obvious (Facebook amazon, etc/apple). Heard of chip testers, cloud and server technology but not sure what it all means? I break it down.
I show you articles on how to spot growth, from investor interest and technical analysis to news about big companies targeting smaller ones and where to find it.
Discover an industry i see which in a year or so the growth is twelve times the stock market in Canada, USA and Europe which will increase b/c the market is going up to 30B or so worldwide.
We are in the high single digits now. email for a brief powerpoint exec summary (free) and an invitation to the training event.
Disclaimer: I am not a financial manager or agent, I do not have licenses nor do I charge you for advice. I am only a publisher of research I have obtained and am not responsible for any investment decisions you make.
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