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I live in Wells and just finished writing a book titled, The Ringing, When The End Becomes The Beginning.
I am not a seasoned author as you know. And I feel like I may be intruding on a profession that takes a lifetime to perfect. But with that said, here it is.
O...and...No one has edited it for me, so, spelling🙄, punctuation😉, and vocabulary😛......Are definite🤐 issues😂

About The Ringing

The Ringing is about a time when nearly the entire population of the world has had their souls extracted. Leaving behind only a "Hollow", empty container. But there are a few survivors due to a very certain ringing frequency in their ears. They were either born with it or aquired it at some point in their lives. With the oldest souls having the greatest knowledge, wisdom and power. A few survivors find each other and travel hundreds of miles to inhabit a pre designed and constructed compound in Oregon. As time passes, they begin to venture out in search of more survivors and supplies. They find only 8 beautiful children and discover that children, under the age of 5, stand the only chance of rehabilitation. It's not long after they settle in at their new home that they venture out to a top secret military base that they have been told exists. After only a few hours at Tesla Naval Air Force Base, they have in their possession, Tommy. Whom they discovered in an underground facility. And with Tommy, comes all the answers to their questions, all knowledge, all weapons and the guidance of the Gods on how to use it all. Defending the human race, whats left of it, is the objective. Life will go on. But not without a fight. And the children will someday play the greatest roll of all. they are very special. They will someday be the greatest of all leaders. And 3 of them will someday serve at the right hand of the creator. There was a master plan. For a few survivors to finish the book of life. Right to THE END

I have written this book because I am 100% disabled with chronic Emphysema with 30% of my lungs remaining and needed to supplement my income. I am in hopes that this book will be part of my legacy and help out my wife of 37 years after I am gone. Its kinda like a go fund me book. I do have a dream. We can all dream. And I dream that I was the luckiest guy in the world and my book sold millions of copies. My dream was that I could spend the rest of my life helping people out. I know that is only a dream. But it is a good one for me. I have spent my whole life helping people out and it has been just recently that I could no longer do that. So....If you like to read...from local authors....Please follow this link to Amazon Kindle where I published the book. Thank You So Much

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