Navigation Items - $30 (Owls Head, ME)

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310 South Shore Drive

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condition: good
For Sale: A number of navigational items: (If ad's up, it's available.)
1.) BBA (Better Boating Association) Chart Kit Chart Plotter with instructions for operating. This is a chart plotter apparatus made to function with Chart Kits produced by BBA. Just open the Chart Kit to the desired page, slip it up under the plastic protective overlay, set the compass variation wheel selector to the number of degrees of variation shown in the compass rose on that page, tighten down the set knob, and then you are ready to lay off a course using the edge of the rule. This method avoids having to use a parallel rule.
This plotter can also be used to determine a fix of your position from cross bearings, as explained in the instructions included. Measures 22-1/2 inches wide by 20 inches high, just the right size to fit a BBA Chart Kit Book into folded over, with the spiral binding being on either side. If you want to plot on the chart surface itself without the plastic overlay, just place the chart on top of the overlay.
2.) A Transparent Course Protractor made by Danforth/White of Portland, Maine. Another method of laying off courses on a chart that avoids the need for a parallel rule.
3.) A Weems Plath "Nautical Slide Rule" with full operating instructions printed permanently on the back. There are two scales on the circular dial, the green one is for nautical miles, the black one is for yards. This device is for solving Time, Speed and distance problems.
4.) The Miller Planisphere, a 10-1/2 inch circular, plastic guide to the planets and stars, "Puts the stars in everyone's reach". It has a rotating inner disk used to select the time of day and the month for locating stars and planets. The entire back of the disk is printed with all the instructions necessary for operation.
All four of the above devices for $30, or individual prices on request.
5.) A Wind Speed Meter and case $17.
6.) A Weather Radio $7.

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