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Bates College researchers are investigating the relationship between levels of a naturally occurring brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophin factor (BDNF) and aspects of cognitive (thought) and affective (emotion) processing. BDNF can be assessed easily and noninvasively through a urine sample.

We are seeking healthy adult volunteers from central Maine to participate. The total time commitment is 1 hour, and volunteers are reimbursed $25 for their time in the form of a check from Bates College. Participation involves one visit to the Bates College campus in Lewiston for a 1-hour session during the morning hours (between 9:30 am and 12:30 pm) in which we assess your cognitive and emotional functioning via questionnaires, neuropsychological tests, and collection of a urine sample.

We are looking for healthy adults who:
- Are aged 20 to 55
- Are right-handed
- Are fluent in written and spoken English
- Have intact color vision (no red-green colorblindness)
- Have not taken illicit drugs within the last month
- Do not have a history of psychiatric or neurological diagnosis
- Are not currently taking medications that alter emotion or cognition

Interested? Please contact us for more information by emailing the Neuropsychology Research Coordinator, Adelae Durand, at mostra info contatto .
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