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We are forming a Group of Maine Citizens Who Currently Have or Had Problems with the Maine Real Estate Commission.

This Group is for All People, Anywhere in Maine.

Have you ever filed a valid complaint against a Maine Real Estate Agent, Broker or Agency with the Maine Real Estate Commission?

Have you had that Complaint Dismissed, with No Valid Explantion Given? Do You Feel that Your Complaint was Never Given a Fair Investigation?
Do you Feel that the Investigator, Assigned to Your Complaint, was Not Fair to You?

Were You Denied an Appeal?

Has your Case Against the Real Estate Agent, Broker or Agency Been Further Harmed by This Wrongful Dismissal?

Do You Feel You Have No Where to Go?

Well, You are Not Alone.

My husband and I have a terrible problem with the Maine Real Estate Commission - one that has given us grief for over 2 Years Now.

We lost our credibility with any lawyer and insurance company all due to this wrongful and discriminatory dismissal.

At first, we had a serious problem with a Real Estate Agent and her Broker. Their negligence, lack of proper disclosure and failure to protect our interests caused us to lose $ 60,000. Also, we suffered emotionally and became physically ill.

Our problems got much worse, when we filed a valid Complaint with the Maine Real Estate Commission. The problems with the Commission got much worse the further up the ladder in State Government we went - Attorney General's Office and all the way up to the Governor's Office.

Thus, we had one problem and that problem ballooned to 5 problems.

If something similar to this happened to YOU, THIS IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP. If you remain silent, these Government Agencies, who are supposed to help citizens, will get away with their mis-deeds and failure to protect the very citizens who pay their Union wage salaries.

We would like to Form a Support Group for all Citizens of Maine, who have had a similar experience. Please contact us via this site. Our real e-mail address is posted. Also our real phone number.

Let us get together and support each other. Perhaps together we can come up with a meaningful solution to this problem.

We are Citizens of Maine and our tax dollars go to pay the salaries of the personnel of the Maine Real Estate Commission.
Therefore, we all deserve better than what we got.

Let us come together and help each other.

Thank you my friends,

Barbara and Robert Heimanson

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