RARE TRS Direct Fight Fast DVD Training Video Collection - $1,400 (Manchester, Maine)

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-8 Steps to Winning Street Effective Modular Fighting Systems with Mike Serr
-13 Crowbars: Biomechanical Leverage System and Improvised Weapons with Ray Ellingsen
-15 Brutal Fight Enders with Bob Pierce
-Active Duty with Dale Comstock
-Advanced Combat Course with Frank Cucci
-Advanced Combative Tactics: First Strategy with Shannon Stallard
-Advanced Gun Disarmament with Bob Taylor
-American Combat Karate with Dale Comstock
-American Samurai with Jack Stone
-Be the Bodyguard: Companion Control, Improvised Weapons, Ground Fighting with Gregg Wooldridge
-Brutal Beyond Belief with Dr. Violence
-Brutal Bone Breakers with James Painter, Terry Whistler and Daniel Ailes
-Brutal Clinches and Ruthless Takedowns with Rick McCoy
-Brutal Headbustin Secrets with Mark Parra
-Brutal Termination Techniques: Real Quick-Kill Secrets of the Black Ops with Glen Boodry
-Building a Street Fighter in 40 Hours with Tom Cruse
-Comhrac Bas with Christophe Clugston
-Combat JKD with Christophe Clugston
-Combat Tai Chi with Richard Clear
-Combat Tai Chi: Slash n Defend Weapons with Richard Clear
-Combat Thai Kick Boxing with Mike Goldbach
-Cop Street Fighting Skills with Mike Gillette
-Critical Distance: Extreme Close Quarters with Demi Barbito
-Delta Mojo with Dale Comstock
-Defense Against The Takedown Vicious Street Fighting with Richard Ryan
-Defense Against Weapons by Vladimir Vasiliev
-Defense in Confined Space by Vladimir Vasiliev
-Delta Seal Camp: Protecting You & Your Loved Ones: Firearms
-Delta Seal Camp: Protecting You & Your Loved Ones: Hand-to-Hand
-Dirty Tricks for the Mean Streets with Gabriel Garcia
-Down and Dirty with Tom Proctor-Escapes from Impossible Holds with Mark Hatmaker
-Explosive Bar Room Tactics and Vicious Universal Fight Enders with Mike Serr
-Fast and Furious Street Smarts with Jacov Bresler
-Fight to Win with Jim West
-Fighting Mindset with Ben Cooley
-Fighting Mindset 2 with Ben Cooley
-First & Finish Movies with Chris Clugston, Bob Taylor, Paul Vunak, Tom Proctor, Shahram Moosavi and More...
-Fundamentals of Knife Disarming by Vladimir Vasiliev
-Ghetto Blocks (Formally Known as "52 Blocks") Ghetto Boxing - Putting it Together - Moving Bodies - Improvised Weapons with Diallo Frazier
-Ghetto Counter Strikes with Diallo Frazier
-Ground Zero Knife Fighting with Hock Hochheim
-Guard Submissions with Mark Hatmaker
-Hardcore Street-Fight Scenarios with Bruce Drago
-Holds, Releases and Attacks by Vladimir Vasiliev
-Homeland Defense Series: The Magnificent Seven
-Homeland Defense Series 3: Aggressive Offense with Kathy Long
-Homeland Defense Series 3: Aggressive "Smackdown" Tactics with Ray Ellingsen
-Homeland Defense Series 3: Assertive Control Tactics with Eric Ritter
-Homeland Defense Series 3: Defensive Psychology with Eric Ritter, Ray Ellingsen, Kathy Long, Rafael Kosche & Nathan Scott
-Hwa Rang Sul: Hand to Hand with Jesse Lechuga
-Hwa Rang Sul 2: Improvised Weapons with Jesse Lechuga
-Hwa Rang Sul 3: The Clave with Jesse Lechuga
-Illegal Boxing with Mark Hatmaker
-Indian Fighting Skills with Tom Brown
-Instant Edge with Mark Hatmaker
-Instant Respect with Tony Walker
-International Warrior Series with Oleg Taktarov
-Israeli Connection: Hand-to-Hand with Nir Maman
-Israeli Connection: Ground Fighting with Nir Maman
-Israeli Connection: Knife/Gun with Nir Maman
-Killer Instinct with Demi Barbito
-Kitchen Kydex with Mike Sastre
-Knockout Boxing Skills with Scott Pilkinton
-Krav Maga: The Israeli Connection
-Kung Fu San Soo with Kathy Long
-Lameco Hand-to-Hand with Felix Valencia
-Lameco Knife Fighting with Felix Valencia
-Lethal Defense with Ray Ellingsen
-Lethal on Contact: Advanced Lethal Secrets of Spec-Op Soldiers with Billy Burke
-Live Without Fear with Dave Chatterlier & Tom Carter
-Master of Destruction with Jim West
-On the Back Submissions with Mark Hatmaker
-Pankration: Fight Ending Ground Skills with Jim Arvanitis
-Pankration: Lethal Combat Fundamentals with Jim Arvanitis
-Personal Protection with Konstantin Komarov and Vladimir Vailiev
-Rapid Assault Tactics with Paul Vunak
-Real Blood with Tom Proctor
-Real World Combat: Clinching, Takedowns, & Ground Fighting Edged Weapons Systems with Glen Boodry
-Real World Combat: Tactics & Principals Standup Techniques with Glen Boodry
-Reality Based Combat with Jim Wagner
-Reality Ground Fighting with Walt Lysak
-Rock & Roll Prison Fighting System with James Painter
-Rosetta Stone with Christophe Clugston
-Russian Cop Fighting Skills with Yelena Pawela
-Russian Ground-Fighting by Vladimir Vasiliev
-Russian Martial Art Strikes with Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev
-Savage Street Fighting with Christophe Clugston
-Secrets of a Modern Warrior with Bob Taylor & Randy Wanner
-Secrets of Black Ops
-Secrets of Cage Fighting Revealed with Tom Proctor
-Small Mans Advantage with Bob Taylor
-Soviet Secrets: Cold War Hand to Hand Secrets
-Special Agent Combat Course with Derek Smith
-Special Agent Kill Moves Weapons with Derek Smith
-Stealth Domination with Michael Tan
-Street Safe I with Paul Vunak
-Street Safe II with Paul Vunak
-Street Safe III: Brutal Solutions with Paul Vunak
-Street Soldier Science Fitness with Diallo Frazier
-Street Survival Series with Tony Walker
-Survival Skills Series: Fire with Bruce Beck
-Survival Skills Series: Shelter with Bruce Beck
-Survival Skills Series: Water with Bruce Beck
-Tactical Street Survival: Gun Defense with Larry Wick
-Tactical Street Survival: Hand-to-Hand with Larry Wick
-Tactical Street Survival: Knife Fighting with Larry Wick
-The Enigma by Paul Vunak
-Total Defense & Finish Moves with Billy Burke
-Unarmed Combat Course: Hand to Hand with Frank Cucci
-Unarmed Counter Assault Tactics with Demi Barbito
-Ultimate Ground Fighting with Shahram Moosavi
-Untouchable with Ray Ellingsen
-V-Force: Scientific Fighting Concepts: Ground Fighting, Improvised Weapons, Sensitivity Drills & Target Points with Tommy DiLallo
-Vicious Protection with Tom Muzila
-Viper Street Combat with John Nottingham
-Wicked Fight Enders: Lethal Termination Tactics with Jack Stone
-Wicked Weapons with Ray Ellingsen
-Wing Tsjun with Thommy Luke Boehlic
-X-TEC Fighting Systems: How to win any fight in 4 to 7 seconds with Rick Reynolds

Please research these Fight Fast DVD's, most range from $50-$100 each.

There are 119 titles, lots of them having several DVD's.

All discs and cases are in like new condition with no damage or scratches.

Asking $25 each or all for $1400

Call or text anytime, 207-620-212zero

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