Piccoli Passi - Italian / English Language Resources for Children (Old Orchard Beach)

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Piccoli Passi - Italian / English Language Resources for Children

Piccoli Passi is a playful approach to the Italian language for children incorporating stories, songs, crafts and games.

Complete Set Italian English Resources for Children

This digital file is an Italian Language resource to aid your child in learning the Italian names for the parts of the body.
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These materials are beginner friendly, so it doesn't matter if you, the parent, don't speak the language. Just a simple understanding of Italian pronunciation is all that is needed, and you'll be learning right along with your child. To make it easier, we include the corresponding English word or phrases on all our materials.

This listing is for our complete set of Italian language resources for children. All materials can be printed using standard 8.5" x 11" paper. You can use card stock or laminate after printing for more durability. All of the components are also sold separately, or you can save by purchasing the complete set.

Piccoli Passi has been designing and developing Italian language resources for young children for over six years. These resources aren't just simple flashcards. They're made to inspire play and conversation and to be used over and over again so that Italian is easily and effortlessly incorporated into your daily routine. And your child will be learning the way children learn best - through play!

Here's what you'll get:
1. Set of animal matching cards - 24 cards in total. Print 2 sets and you can play memory and matching games with your child while learning the names of the animals in Italian.

2. Parts of the Body Chart - A chart with a boy and girl figure labeling the most commonly used parts of the body. Hang it in the bathroom for some Italian practice during bath time!

3. Weather Wheel - Encourage your child to be the family meteorologist. Track the weather every morning with our Weather Wheel, and reinforce weather terms in Italian at the same time.

4. Mealtime Kit - This consists of 2 pieces, a play menu listing beverages, main dishes and desserts, and a labeled place mat. Have fun playing restaurant with your child, or just ask for some help setting the table to get the Italian flowing.

5. Seasons Board Game - This is a 4 player game that will introduce your child to the names of the seasons, as well as some related vocabulary. Print 2 sets of each piece, one for the board and the other to cut up for the playing cards.

6. Set of Opposites matching cards - This set contains 32 pairs of opposites. You can use it to play Memory or matching games.

7. Morning and Bedtime Routine Checklist - Use these every morning and every evening before bed to get your child understanding and speaking Italian phrases related to their daily routine. You can laminate the charts and check off the boxes to make it more interactive for your little one.

8. Feelings Meter - Help your child talk about his/her feelings in Italian with our Feelings Meter. The chart displays 5 options - Happy, Sad, Angry, Excited and Scared. Each phrase is accompanied with a colorful picture so your child can easily follow along.

9. An Italian Classroom at Home User Guide - This set comes with a detailed guide giving you tips and suggestions for use for each of the components of the program. Most of the pieces can be used in multiple ways, so you can keep the play fresh and interesting for your child.

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