$400 I might want a roommate? (Biddeford)

available sep 13

w/d in unit
off-street parking
no private bath
private room

ehh. this isn't a great position for me. Before I came down here, I lived with other people for a very long time. I moved here ten years ago, it's my place now, but I have mostly had other people living with me.

Now I don't. Basically as we "grow up" our lifestyles change. Most of the people who have stayed with me have moved on to bigger and better things, they've gotten excellent jobs, met others and started families, whatever... most of them are still great friends and I'm proud of them, but right now I'm walking into an eerily-empty apartment every night and it's kinda driving me nuts.

I'm looking for a living entity to haunt my apartment, for no other reason than I've not been completely alone very much of my life and am not enjoying it now. I've never done this by posting an ad before - there's always been a steady stream of friends and friends-of-friends who needed a place to crash, but a lot of that was a function of being "new adults" and that's just not the case anymore.

The room I have to offer is small. I haven't measured it but a previous roommate had a queen-size bed in there and it took up just over half the room. That said, the common areas are of decent size and you are free to use, decorate, and/or furnish them as you choose, conditions being that you not damage the building or impede my ability to walk from my room to the bathroom at 2am without breaking my toe.

The yard is huge, we've had fires out there. There's river access.

I have a washer and a clothesline. I have a dryer too, but it needs a drum bearing and my depressed self has thus far managed to procrastinate buying a $30 part for over a year... so I guess you can say I have all of the parts, minus one, of a dryer, and with proper motivation and nagging we could stop hanging wet clothes outside by winter. That might disappoint the cat though, as she's taken to hanging out inside the shell of the dryer...

A few thoughts about who I'm looking for... the biggest thing is that I need to feel confident that I can go to work every day and not worry what's going on in my absence. I need to know you're not going to be robbing me or burning the place down. It is best if you are also working, but if I'm inspired to trust you that's excellent.

I'm not desperate for cash - my bills get paid, and this isn't one of those "I rented a place I can't afford, please help" posts. This is a "my place feels dead" post. I'm hoping for someone I get along with. If you're someone who is incredibly private and offended by strangers wanting to know you -- I 100% totally absolutely respect that, and I have no dislike for you, BUT you're not the solution. I'm taking a chance that I can find someone that's somewhat of a friend by posting a random ad on craigslist, and if you're going to respond to that ad I need you to take the chance that the random person posting the ad on craigslist might become somewhat of a friend also.

Demographics are *not* relevant. I currently have friends aged 17-72, male female and in-between. I'm accepting and friendly to all letters of the alphabet and all colors of both rainbows that are considered demographic.

Cleanliness is a thing. I don't give two craps about clutter but anything that's sticky, slimy, or smelly needs to not happen.

How long? Well, that's negotiable. We need to meet, talk, I need to know who you are.

Available pretty much immediately, although I do still have to clean up the mess left in that room by its last occupant.

I'm not checking the "no smoking" box but my landlord does insist no smoking /inside/ -- you can go out on the porch (front or back) and smoke to your heart's content and to your lungs' demise.

I don't have a strong opinion on drugs either. The 420 stuff is fine and I enjoy it myself from time to time. Anything that has taken over your life to the point where you might become a different person at any moment, well, I don't want that around me... but if I like the person I meet, and I feel trust there, I'm not getting hung up on your habits - just be safe and sane about it, please.
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