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Hello there! My name is Lily and I am from Boulder Colorado! I have lived in Boulder my entire life, but I am moving to Maine to be closer to family and friends and also to have a fresh start somewhere completely different. I am looking for a place to rent for me and my dog Stella, but I can't afford something on my own. I just got offered a few different jobs in Portland of which I haven't accepted any yet. I will most likely be working at a restaurant because that is what I do now and it's a reliable source of income. So I will be working full time but be home most nights and mornings. I enjoy anything outdoors especially the beach (since i'm from a place with no ocean I might be a little bit of a tourist at first haha.) I'm also really into photography so that is usually what I am doing on my days off. A few things you should know.. I cannot move out there until mid October because of my lease currently. I also have a sweet dog named Stella, she is basically my child. She's 3 years old, completely potty trained, and is very low key. Occasionally she'll get excited and bark when people walk in the door but she is very friendly. She's an Australian Shepherd black lab mix.
I am just looking for a cute place near downtown with roommates I could see myself becoming friends with because I don't know too many people out there. I'm very low key as well. I'm very easy going and am down for anything although I won't be having parties every night and getting blacked out. I am moving to Maine for a fresh start and new experiences.
I'm from boulder so im obviously 4/20 friendly, I like everyone and have no preference on gender. So if it sounds like we'd be a good fit and you're looking for a roommate, shoot me a message :)

I thought I'd attach a picture of me and my pup cause it's always better to put a face to the name!

My number is mostra info contatto and please feel free to text me instead of email, whatever's easiest.
Anyways, if you actually read all of that, thank you very much for hearing me out and I hope to hear from you soon! Cheers!

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