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Hello All,
My name is Liam and I am a 35 year old Male disabled professional looking for a room, efficiency, studio, 1br, living space.

I can move in whenever it is easiest for you.
I am able to cover a security deposit and rent.
I am disabled, but I work for myself on the side in the computer field doing Independent Security Consulting and Vulnerability Assessments.

I have been declared disabled by the State of Maine, but am waiting for the federal SSDI process. As of this time I will be paying my rent using General Assistance when needed. I am waiting for my shelter plus care, and/or BRAP voucher.

I have positive past landlord references, as well as character references from people who know me and past employers.

General Assistance and Shelter + Care vouchers are actually a good thing for a landlord. The rent is paid directly to you, as the landlord. You never have to worry about the person losing their job and being unable to pay,

I hope that I can find some housing with this ad, as I am running out of time where I am at.

Thank you!

my contact info is:

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Liam O'Reilly
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