Mature 0utdoorsey woman seeking room Oct to May (up to 90 minutes drive from Penobscot, ME area)

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Hello, my name is Cat.

I'm in my late 60’s, healthy and active with many interests, looking for a no-frills reasonably priced room, furnished or not in a positive atmosphere where I can spend quiet time in my room in the evenings except minimal time in the kitchen and helping with household chores. I’ve rented rooms before, the wonderful little off-grid cottage I built on family property near Penobscot isn’t winterized and there’s little work available except in summer.
My Craigslist post last summer turned up rental spaces just 2 and a half hours or more drive from here so I ended up in Brunswick in a beautiful house that I helped maintain for the owner but it was too far to come check on my place every month for a few days. I'm hoping for better luck this time! If you or a friend is thinking about renting this fall or you have any resources where I could search outside Craigslist, please reach out as soon as possible, thank you.

About me:
*I'm not retired, am frugal, enjoy part-time work doing any number of things, am responsible, quiet, considerate, have many excellent references and a squeaky clean background, have a college degree, traveled quite a bit, and have a close family.
* I do not have kids or pets, but those that live with you are of course a wonderful addition to the family. I don’t smoke anything or have any interest in drugs, eat light and healthy, and won't leave my dishes in the sink or track mud into your home.
* I stay pretty much to myself when I'm home in my room to write, read, and take online courses, and maintain long-distance friendships. I don’t watch TV much but enjoy friendly conversation, respect your privacy, and appreciate being part of your household.
*I enjoy yardwork and will help shovel snow. I spend time bike riding, sailing, kayaking and cross-country skiing. I grew up sailing on Penobscot Bay and have been an ocean person ever since. I've' worked as commercial crew on a salmon tender in AK, spent many winters offshore fishing in the Sea of Cortez, put on fundraising multisport events, catered, was an outdoor guide and was on several national sports teams, have great stories and want to write about those times someday.

If you are interested in knowing more and have a “school schedule” room available in the $500-$600 range I'd of course help out wherever I can, and will take good care of your home if you travel, with references. I've never been late on rent or been in a bind to borrow money, am a reliable and responsible adult roommate. Please let me know ASAP if you have an opening in October so we can talk more, a deposit isn’t a problem, I’d love the peace of mind of knowing I have secured a room rental closer to home while working this summer here. I’d be happy to give you more info, talk on the phone, and/or meet you in person at your convenience, the lawn mower needs a break!
Look forward to hearing from you, THANKS for your time 😊

Cat (Catherine)

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