maak plasing gnstling $700 Relocating To Portland in Spring (Portland Downtown) verskuil hierdie plasing maak sigbaar

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I'm an artist in my twenties hoping to relocate to Portland from Canada in either late spring (May) or early summer (June/July). My plan is to stay for 8-14 months working and building my portfolio in the meantime. I find Portland very inspirational and quaint.
A bit about myself, I'm female but don't have any preference on housemate genders. I get along with mostly everyone and kind of just do my own thing. I have a fluffy gray cat who is hypoallergenic and literally the chillest animal on earth, she also loves to do her own thing and sleeps 90% of the day. I'm a barista in Canada and i'd love to continue that in Portland as I'm a coffee enthusiast to the bone. I should add that I'm also a mmj patient so somewhere 420 friendly is preferred, but I'm not opposed to going outside to smoke at all.
Even though I'm not incredibly social, I do enjoy talking to people and occasionally sharing a meal or watching some Netflix with housemates. I think it's important to bond with the people you live with in some senses. If you think I'd be a good fit, please feel free to send me an e-mail! I'd like to keep my budget below $800.
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