Property management services!! (Augusta)

Hi there we are a small local property management company / maintenance company looking to take on new clients for building management! A few things we offer is 24/7 maintenance and emergency services, we do evictions, and genuinely want to make our communities a better place to live.

We do not let your properties go downhill like most property management companies do, we do regular inspections of exterior buildings and interior, we make documentation of any repairs needed and we always get multiple quotes from vendors for larger projects, we do our own pest control and bug spraying regularly for bugs/ termites.

We have a very strict leases for tenants that help them take pride in there living situations.

We offer a lot of unique and innovative and affordable solutions every property is structured with a plan to succeed and make profits, if your not making money on your “ investment properties “ and want to make a change to start making money please reach out we love what we do and look forward to challenging properties! Our goal and focus is to bring affordable housing to our communities and make income.

If everything has been going well for your property and you’re just looking for someone to take over the stressful/hassle work we can do that.

We can’t list all of our services here and each property we have different prices for management every month but typically it’s in the range of 8.5% - 10% of property income
We work with all clients to get them started and get the ball rolling! Single family homes are usually a set price per month.

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